Stigma Around Using Hearing Aids Waning

young woman wearing hearing aids

There has been a great amount of stigma concerning the wearing of hearing aids for many years. This has caused many to miss out on the benefits these devices bring. But are the results worthwhile?

Most people, young and old, choose not to use hearing aids, leaving them to experience hearing impairments that could be resolved, among other health problems. Recent statistics suggest that one in eight people, representing 30 million people in the US, experience hearing loss. However, barely 15% of this population use hearing aids. Further studies suggest that more young people are now experiencing hearing loss than ever. 

A 2021 World Health Organization (WHO) report says that over 430-million people experience hearing loss, which could increase to 700 million by 2050. The report attributed the purported increase to various modern lifestyles, such as the overuse of headphones and the increasing broadcast of loud music. Despite this, technological advancement and changes in individual perception will start a new life to hearing aids. It could soon be in the same category as contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Why should you wear hearing aids?

There are many reasons why you should wear a hearing aid. While some may be unexpected, others are quite obvious. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • You can enjoy your social life and activities again
  • You won’t strain yourself to make conversations
  • You have the opportunity to make more money
  • You can hear better
  • You can manage symptoms of tinnitus

If you feel these sound too good to be true, there are many other benefits even people with mild hearing loss can gain from using hearing aids. Many do not know that hearing loss is associated with mental health problems, cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Pieces of research suggest various reasons why this can happen. According to studies, the human brain can be overworked and overwhelmed as it continuously attempts to appreciate sounds. It may be related to social isolation, a major cause of anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems, perhaps because brain cells don’t receive enough stimulation leading to shrinking and death.

Hearing loss can come at a huge cost to your mind and body. Many people tend to hide their hearing loss to avoid the stigma. However, this comes at the cost of struggling to communicate. This isn’t only uncomfortable but can be bad for your physical and mental health. By permitting you to hear words and nearby sounds more clearly, hearing devices can help you manage these problems. Your brain won’t require any additional resources, and you will be able to process sounds normally. Likewise, you will gain the ability and confidence to enjoy your social conversations and experiences again.

Hearing Aid Advancements

Now it’s clear why people of all ages need to use hearing aids when they need them. Knowing how hearing aids have evolved over the last few years would benefit you. There are plenty of options to consider if you would like one of those large hearing devices. They are so sophisticated that you can figure out the sound source and filter it appropriately. Yet, there are modern hearing aid models that are virtually invisible. Likewise, they are designed with advanced technology, making them work much easier and better in today’s digital environment.

What if you could sync your hearing aids with your Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, and TVs? Most modern hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth technology. Even high-end models monitor your physical health, make phone calls, and stream music for you. Currently, hearing aids are designed more like your smartphones and smartwatches, making them an indispensable gadget for a person experiencing hearing loss.

If you want to stay youthful and full of vitality, it is best to fight the stigma and wear your hearing aids. After all, nothing will age you faster than continually asking somebody to repeat themselves during communication, responding inappropriately to questions, and feeling disconnected from the rest of the world. Wearing your hearing aids can make you feel more confident and healthier and remain socially and mentally active and sharp to pursue your career goals. It is okay to be concerned with your hearing problem since it may bring acceptance to recognize your hearing issue and be willing to get help from your audiologist.

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