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Hearing Aid Styles

Here are the main hearing aid styles. Variations of these styles guarantee that there is a style to fit every hearing need.

In the ear (ITE): ITE hearing aids are powerful and offer many features. The ITE is an electric amplifier in an earmold that fits the outer ear.

Invisible in canal (IIC): IIC hearing devices are the smallest and lightest available. They are recommended for moderate hearing loss.

Completely in canal (CIC): CIC aids are slightly larger than IIC but remain small and powerful, and nearly invisible.

Full-shell: A full shell is an earmold custom made to fit the outer ear. The electronics and battery are inserted in the shell and fit to the patient.

Behind the ear (BTE): Sometimes, it is necessary to put the electronics and battery in a compartment that sits behind the ear. In this device, a tube runs to the amplifier in the ear canal. The controls and battery are easier to use than smaller devices.

Receiver in the ear (RITE): RITE hearing aids offer a smaller behind the ear electronics package because the sound receiver is in the ear canal.

These devices are recommended for mild to severe hearing loss.