Hearing Aids

Loss of hearing is a common health problem around the world. The organs and structures in the human ear can be damaged by loud, concussive sounds, particularly over time, with many exposures to this kind of noise. The modern world added layer upon layer of artificial noise into everyone’s life. While exposure to these noises is everywhere, the effect on each individual’s hearing is unique to that person.

For this reason, people experiencing hearing loss should get a hearing test and discuss their symptoms in detail with professionals at Audiology & Hearing Center of Tampa. The result could be a recommendation for hearing aids.

Hearing aids come in many styles and sizes, each aimed at the specific set of needs of the individual user. Your ears are unique, like a fingerprint, and so are your loss of hearing parameters. Hearing aids also have more features to help people hear every day than ever before. They are designed to help people hear and understand in as many hearing environments as possible.

Here are some of our hearing aid manufacturers available from Audiology & Hearing Center of Tampa followed by types of hearing devices available from many sources:

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    Hearing Aid Batteries

    When you purchase a hearing aid, you will be instructed about inserting and removing the device, turning it on and off and cleaning it. You will also learn how to insert and remove the small batteries that power your hearing aid. Hearing aid batteries are being replaced in some cases with rechargeable hearing aids, but […]

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  • Hearing Aid Styles

    Here are the main hearing aid styles. Variations of these styles guarantee that there is a style to fit every hearing need.

    In the ear (ITE): ITE hearing aids are powerful and offer many features. The ITE is an electric amplifier in an earmold that fits the outer ear.

    Invisible in canal (IIC): IIC hearing devices are the smallest and lightest available. They are recommended for moderate hearing loss.

    Completely in canal (CIC): CIC aids are slightly larger than IIC but remain small and powerful, and nearly invisible.

    Full-shell: A full shell is an earmold custom made to fit the outer ear. The electronics and battery are inserted in the shell and fit to the patient.

    Behind the ear (BTE): Sometimes, it is necessary to put the electronics and battery in a compartment that sits behind the ear. In this device, a tube runs to the amplifier in the ear canal. The controls and battery are easier to use than smaller devices.

    Receiver in the ear (RITE): RITE hearing aids offer a smaller behind the ear electronics package because the sound receiver is in the ear canal.

    These devices are recommended for mild to severe hearing loss.

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    Hearing Protection

    Many professions and hobbies include loud noises and require hearing protection. From music concerts to construction sites to giant industrial plants, the world has become exponentially louder since the Industrial Revolution began.

    Hearing protection has grown into an important part of public health interest as noise has become more common. Protective products are available for virtually any activity. It is recommended that children’s hearing be protected from an early age.

    Earplugs, earphones and combinations of these are available for general and specific purposes, like swimming, hunting, playing music, working with loud indoor and outdoor equipment, and more. Protective sound-reducing equipment is an important part of many work and recreational activities. Call Audiology & Hearing Center of Tampa today for more information.

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    Lyric Hearing Products

    Lyric makes extended-wear hearing devices that are some of the smallest in the industry. Lyric hearing aids are inserted in the ears by the audiologist and can be worn continuously for up to three months. They sit very close to the eardrum and use very little battery power. These tiny devices are not right for everyone but could be a good product for those who have difficulty physically handling their devices every day.

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    Oticon Hearing Aids

    Oticon offers many styles of hearing aids for all types of hearing loss. The company follows the latest technology advances in hearing aid design and designs devices that “change conventions and lives.”

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    Phonak Hearing Aids

    Phonak designs products to simplify life automatically by including the newest hearing technology. Phonak wants to make products that guarantee “life is on” for every wearer. Better hearing helps emotionally and physically deal better with a noisy world.

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    ReSound Hearing Aids

    The ReSound company concentrates on the engineering of sound to make better products for hearing every day. ReSound products bring better sound results to your ears to help you “be more, do more and be more than you ever thought possible.”

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  • manufacturer signia

    Signia Hearing Aids

    Every Signia hearing aid is designed to allow wearers to hear everything that matters to them. The company makes battery-operated and rechargeable products for every type of hearing loss. Signia offers hearing aids with acoustic motion sensors that help electronically find the sound direction you want to hear.

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    Starkey Hearing Aids

    Starkey believes that hearing better leads to living better, which is why they develop products that help users hear in all kinds of noisy environments. The company makes a wide variety of hearing aids that connect wirelessly to your electronic devices like iPhones.

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    Unitron Hearing Aids

    Unitron technology follows the advice and suggestions of their users, allowing designers to improve products according to what the wearers need. The company uses the latest hearing technologies to advance the idea that every step of acquiring and using a hearing device should be enjoyable.

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    Widex Hearing Aids

    Widex products “learn” with you as you go about life in many hearing environments. Programmed components in Widex hearing devices make it the “world’s first smart hearing aid.” Widex makes products for every type of hearing loss and designs its hearing aids to sound as close to perfect as possible.

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