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A Complete Guide to Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Ear and hearing health plays an essential role in our overall health and our daily activities. Unfortunately, this aspect of our health is usually forgotten until issues arise. Statistical reports from the CDC show that about 40 million adults have noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). The World Health Organization (WHO) recorded that over one billion young […]

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Allergies and Hearing Loss

People are affected differently by ear allergies. Allergies can induce not only skin allergies and internal body reactions but also outer and inner ear reactions, which can cause the experience of hearing loss. Allergies, both nasal and general, can induce hypersensitivity, resulting in a chemical imbalance called histamines, that the immune system detects. The development […]

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Treating Hearing Loss Helps You Stay Socially Connected

Hearing loss can impact the ability to socialize and communicate. Treating hearing loss provides an array of benefits for mental and physical wellbeing, providing valuable opportunities to interact and engage with others and helping people to stay connected. In this guide, we’ll explore the role treatments play in preventing isolation and bringing people together.  How […]

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How to Recognize Hearing Problems

If you suspect that you could have hearing loss, it is important to book an appointment with an audiologist as soon as possible. Even if it turns out to be nothing, it is better to be safe than sorry. After all, the sooner a hearing issue is picked up on, the greater chance you have […]

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How to Treat a Temporary Hearing Loss/Deafness In One Ear?

We have all experienced hearing loss from time to time. It might be after swimming at the pool, hiking or landing in an airplane. Exposure to loud and persistent noises too – like in a club or working in a factory – can cause a temporary loss of hearing. And sometimes it doesn’t feel temporary; […]