woman having new hearing aids fitted by her hearing specialist

Do You Need A Hearing Aid For Mild Hearing Loss?

One of the most common interventions to restore hearing is a hearing aid. An amplification device such as a hearing aid does not cure hearing loss, but it can help you to raise your quality of life which is why you should speak to an audiologist before you get them fitted. Hearing loss varies widely […]

hearing aid in palm

Protect Your Hearing Aids from Heat and Humidity

If you wear hearing aids, there’s never been a more exciting time to be alive. New digital technology is making hearing easier than ever, but it also means that your hearing aid has more sensitive parts than ever that can break if you aren’t taking care of them. Don’t let a humid afternoon ruin your […]

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

Signs That You Are Wearing an Ill-fitting Hearing Aid

There are many reasons people experience hearing loss, with some examples relating to age or exposure to loud noises. While hearing loss can be frustrating and even confusing, it can be treatable with the right approach and equipment.  Hearing aids are one of the most popular means of overcoming hearing loss for people of all […]

young woman wearing hearing aids

Stigma Around Using Hearing Aids Waning

There has been a great amount of stigma concerning the wearing of hearing aids for many years. This has caused many to miss out on the benefits these devices bring. But are the results worthwhile? Most people, young and old, choose not to use hearing aids, leaving them to experience hearing impairments that could be […]

hearing specialist adjusting the settings on hearing aid device

Adjusting and Programming Your Hearing Aids

The use of a hearing aid is a significant step in the treatment of hearing loss. Hearing aids can improve your quality of life significantly, but this does not happen overnight. It can take up to six months to become accustomed to newly restored noises, adjust wearing your hearing aids and make it a part […]

single hearing aid in palm of hand

Do Your Hearing Aids Need Repair for Replacement?

Hearing aids are fragile and can easily be damaged when mishandled or covered with dirt, grime or earwax. If you are experiencing this problem for the first time or have visited your audiologist for repairs, you should determine if your hearing aids need replacement or a repair. That said, here are some tips to help […]

hand holding a hearing aid in palm against blue background

How To Properly Adjust Your Hearing Aids

Hearing loss tends to have a huge impact on those who experience it. Hearing loss, when not treated or managed in any way, can negatively impact your relationships, emotional well-being, and other areas of your life. Hearing aids can be life changing, especially if you take the time to select the ideal model and ensure […]

two hands holding a single hearing aid

How Do Hearing Aids Work? How Effective are They?

A hearing aid is an incredible device that people who experience hearing loss can use to improve their hearing. The hearing aid is typically made up of three parts: a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker. The microphone receives and picks up the sounds around the wearer, the amplifier increases the powers of the electrical […]