5 Foods for Better Hearing

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Hearing loss can affect anybody and although it is usually associated with aging, numerous other factors can contribute to hearing loss. Sometimes, this is temporary with the likes of tinnitus or even a blocked ear canal caused by wax buildup. However, some hearing loss is permanent and can be caused by consistent exposure to loud noises and environments or even illness. 

There are steps people can take to prevent hearing loss, including wearing hearing protection like earplugs or ear defenders or avoiding noise levels that exceed 85 decibels for long periods. However, while these are the most common ways of preventing hearing loss, there are other ways you can protect your ears and improve your hearing. 

Certain foods boast a plethora of beneficial properties that can boost your hearing ability and reduce the risk of experiencing hearing loss in the future. While many types of food are beneficial, here are five foods selected that can enhance and protect your hearing. 

Fish and Seafood 

Fish and seafood are packed with omega-3s that can have a significant impact on improving your hearing health and ability. Besides the numerous other benefits they bring, including preventing joint pain, the omega-3 found within fish and seafood, such as crab and lobster, can contribute to healthier hearing. 

The fatty acids are especially useful for reducing the impact of hearing loss related to aging. They help to maintain the proper function and reduce the problems that seniors can face as they get older, enabling you to maintain exceptional hearing capability. You can also look for other omega-3 rich foods, such as flax seeds, spinach and walnuts. 

Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate is much more than a treat to enjoy after dinner or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The research around dark chocolate and its benefits cannot be understated, and it is much better for you compared to white or milk chocolate. 

Despite the bitter taste compared to these chocolate products, you can enjoy better hearing health due to the antioxidants and vitamins which encourage better digestion. At the same time, this will improve your metabolism and immune system to keep you healthier and in better shape, which reduces the chance of illness-related hearing loss issues. 

Finally, magnesium is excellent for circulation that will benefit your hearing. 


The main benefit of bananas is found in potassium, which is why many consider it a superfood that everyone should include in their diet. Like omega-3, potassium will protect your hearing as you age as it maintains the fluid regulation to your ears and keeps them in excellent condition. As you age, this regulation can drop, which will lead to hearing loss in the future.

The older you get, the more your potassium levels will drop, so it is important to consume more as you get older and develop a habit of eating potassium-rich foods like bananas early. If you do not like bananas, you can find potassium in mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and cucumbers.


Cereal is not just a great way to start your day. Eating fortified breakfast cereal, ones that contain added vitamins and minerals, will play a significant role in improving your hearing. 

However, this does not mean you should consume any breakfast cereal, especially those packed with sugar. Instead, opt for whole-grain cereals that offer many other benefits. 

These types of cereal contain folate, which increases circulation and keeps inner ear hair cells as healthy as possible. 


Beef is a common element of many American and worldwide diets, meaning most people will enjoy the benefits that beef, along with pork or dark-meat chicken, can bring. For ear health, beef offers enough zinc to promote healthy cell growth. 

As our bodies constantly replenish cells, this cell growth is essential for keeping your ears and the rest of your body healthy. Zinc will also improve your immune system and help prevent hearing loss caused by some illnesses, and it can also help overcome or even avoid tinnitus. If you work in high-decibel environments, consuming zinc-rich foods like beef will be hugely beneficial for preventing hearing loss issues. 

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